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“Get Away Days” are designed as an opportunity for you to “get away” for the day with a group of your friends to nurture your soul and refocus your life toward where God is calling you at this season of your life.

  • Would you like to “get away”, but can’t due to money, time or responsibilities of daily life?
  • Wouldn’t you love to get away to pamper yourself for the day, but just don’t think you can make it happen?
  • Think Martha Stewart/Mini-Retreat with God/Spa Day
  • Trust me, this day is guaranteed to soothe your soul, refocus you to do GREAT THINGS for God, and make a positive difference in this season of your life.
  • Who better to do this with than some of your favorite friends who want to love and cheer you on in this season of your life?

Options for a “Get Away Day” Package

At My House in the Country…
Pick an Available Date – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Lunch included in the package)

At Your House…
Pick an Available Date: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (You provide Lunch)

Workshop Topics…

  • “Vision Board Workshop – This workshop will help you create your very own Vision Board to clarify what you desire to BE – DO – HAVE in your Life!
  • “Purpose & Passion Puzzle” – Discover how the pieces of your life puzzle provide your Life Purpose!
  • Special Workshop for High School Students – Answering the Question, “What does God want you to do with your one and only life?” – This workshop will help students to discover how the pieces of their life puzzle – their gifts, personality, passions, values, and past experiences fit together to provide their life purpose.
  • Launching Your Chicks from the Nest – Preparing your sons and daughters to launch into the next phase in life! How to help them discover their gifts, passions, values, so they can fulfill God’s plans and purposes for their life!
  • “Intentional LivingDevelop Smart Goals to accomplish your Dreams and Live out Your Personal Vision Statement.”  Develop Action Steps in the various aspects of your life.
  • “Creating and Building Your Community” – Practical tools for building and surrounding yourself with a positive support system.
  • “An Attitude of Gratitude” – Discover how to appreciate your life and the people in it.
  • “Navigating the “Sandwich Phase” – Learn how to balance pouring into your family, while supporting your parents through the aging process.
  • “Transitioning & Transforming Your Life As your children leave the Nest, be prepared for the next season of life, so that you have new things to accomplish that will fill your life with joy & peace.

Contact me with questions or to book your Getaway Day Package or register for an upcoming workshop!

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