Wendi & Jenny Unrein’s Inspiring Hope Story

I know Wendi & Jenny from our Church.  (My Mom is actually the one who introduced me to them.)  These ladies have hearts of gold and I love how God has knit their lives together to encourage the people who come in contact with them.  What I think is really cool is that Wendi has helped Jenny use her gifts to serve the Lord and make a positive difference in our world.   When I hopped over to their website,  it instantly brought a smile to my face.  Jenny’s artwork is bright and cheery!  As a former kindergarten teacher, I always encouraged my kids to pursue their dreams and follow their passions in life.   A “pay it forward” community of supporters is what can unlock the potential within another person and unleash them to do great things for God! That’s just what has happened in Jenny’s life.  She is surrounded by people that love and support her and this has given her the opportunity to use her gifts and talents to encourage others.   You don’t want to miss seeing their website.  It can be found at  http://www.jennyludesigns.com/
Wendi & Jenny’s Inspiring Hope Story
I met Jenny 20 years ago this past July and was smitten in an instant. She was a precious six and I was a newly transplanted 33 year old from the Chicago area, on fire for the Lord, wanting to grow in my faith.  Her dad, Eric and I became smitten right away and married soon after.  Both our lives changed drastically with God’s patient
guiding hand directing us.  I don’t use that term lightly as this marriage was thunderous from the beginning, but Jenny’s gift of innocence and love tempered many a storm and our relationship cemented immediately.
Jenny was born with Williams Syndrome, a genetic disorder, that to those on the outside looking in saw it as a developmental disability but to those who live with her see it as an immense strength.
She teaches me constantly on how to forgive and let go, a trait I constantly struggle with and it’s not by instruction, she just does it freely.  I feel more handicapped!!!!
She has an amazing radar to those that are struggling, especially those with cancer.  It really unsettles her to the point that something has to be exchanged, whether it’s a hug, a handshake or a friendly acknowledgement.  I love to watch it as it teaches me.  It was this very reason we started her art business JennyLU Designs eight years ago.
Jenny and I watched an Oprah episode featuring a young girl raising money for cancer thru lemonade stands.  Jenny wanted to do something too.  Being the art minded mom that I am,  I thought we could use Jenny s creative gifts that she passionately used on every card she made, which were many, and create art to donate for cancer fundraisers.  To participate with her i would add the colors to her art.  Every piece is prayed over and directed by the Holy Spirit as I ask for God’s direction.  So freeing that way!!!
It has amazed me how deep this business has gone into people’s lives in so many ways. I am so excited to be able to watch my stepdaughter evolve and find her voice.   I love seeing God move!!!

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  1. Elisa Baker says:

    Great great story of God’s love!

  2. Barb Altman says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! You are both an inspiration to me!

  3. Richard Davis says:

    I enjoyed and felt priviledged to have heard about you and heard your story. It’s amazing how God brings certain people together. God is the only reason we live through these storms of life, He is our Anchor and our help in times of needs. Our solid Rock. He has given us our talents and He has made a precious instrument out of you. Thank you for writing about your gift and your blessings to others. Keep the gift flowing and sharing your strong will!

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