Following God’s Plans and Purposes for my Life! My Mom’s Inspiring Hope Story

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My Mom is truly an inspiration in my life! She is the eternal optimist, always able to see the silver lining in the challenges that can happen in life. She is the ultimate encourager and has always been “FOR ME.” This has been such a blessing to me over the years! In fact, her positive attitude and bright outlook on life have encouraged me to step out in faith and believe in miracles. When someone believes in your potential and encourages you to “Go for It,” you often stretch outside of your comfort zone, way beyond where you normally might have settled in life. This is the legacy that my Mom has given me, the ability to believe the best and to always look for the rainbows in the storms of life.

My Mom’s positive attitude and belief in the best have served her well in life. In every opportunity that God placed before her, she has trusted His plan for her life and in doing so has experienced incredible adventures with Him!

I can’t think of a more perfect example than my Mom’s to model after, it’s short and sweet, but it’s very simple. Love God, love his people, encourage them, look on the bright side, and most of all trust in His plans and purposes for your life every step of the way. This is the story of my Mom’s life! Enjoy!

Mom & Dad

Mom’s Inspiring Hope Story

When I was young, I loved being around children. I was twelve years old when I decided I would go to college to be a teacher. I graduated from Kansas State and sure enough I had a teaching degree. Twenty-five years later, I knew teaching was gift God had given me. Encouraging people was also something I loved to do.

I retired from teaching in 2000. People would ask me what I was going to do if I wasn’t teaching. I knew God would show me what I was to do next. It was then that Jerry (my husband) and I decided to start Camp Grandbear at our Prairie Wind Farm. Our Grandchildren and their cousins were all over the country. We asked their parents to come with the “Grands” to the farm. That was the start of Camp Grandbear, our hoping to leave a Godly Legacy by letting all the family know each other better. God had a hand in helping us to encourage and teach our family. We have been doing Camp Grandbear for thirteen years now.

Jerry and I loved meeting and greeting new people. We were asked to help start a Greeter Program at Fellowship Bible Church. This program was a labor of love for us. God brought us just the right people we needed to make this program a success.

God also led us to a Marriage Ministry at our church. We had gifts to share after almost fifty years of marriage. We loved to share encouraging words and stories. This ministry has been a blessing to both of us. The couples we have mentored are giving us hope for the future generations of our country.

On my journey with God, I found out that I had Parkinson’s. This was definitely not something I had expected, but God is walking this path with me. He has sent just the right people to help me navigate this unexpected twist in my life. My family has been wonderful and very loving. My son even said, “ So Mom, your earthly body has temporary Parkinson’s, but your Heavenly body will be perfect.” Hearing him speak this truth into my life has helped me to focus on what I CAN do, instead of what I can’t do. I can still write, so I have chosen to write personal cards to welcome people that come to our church.

I know that with God all things are possible. I can still do my teaching and encouraging other’s with God’s help. I am truly BLESSED!

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  1. Deborah Reed says:

    Great story! Sorry to hear you have Parkinson’s. Hugs to you!
    I had a kidney transplant Jan 7th 2014. Having been diagnosed at 13, I was very thankful to make it to 45 before I started dialysis. I was told my time was up on my birthday in May 2013. In that years time I meant my donor and was told very pointedly 3 times by God I was going to be made well.
    God is Good!

  2. Jana champagne says:

    Mrs Lisa and Mr Jerry

  3. Judie Sinclair says:

    Heidi, I’m so extremely proud of you and and know you will touch every heart that hears your message.
    You’re doing what I was doing with Positive Impact years ago, after working with Jack Canfield and Chicken Soup for the Soul.
    So rewarding and blessings beyond belief.
    God is happy with you for your work as many others will be from hearing your message.
    I would encourage everyone who has the opportunity to hear you, to do so.
    Your mother’s testimony is such a beautiful reflection of God’s work in her life and since the day I met your entire family, I knew I was in the presence of some of God’s greatest creations.
    May you continue to bless others and lead those who are lost to a new level of light and love.
    Much love to you and your family.

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